02 Body Alignment

Perspective on Dietary

Correct Dietary

Dietary for optimal health

One's foundation for cognitive clearance

  Condition & Circumstance:

  • Real health is obtained by following the correct dietary regimen, i.e. eating the optimal food in the right condition and under the right circumstance. Through deciding to live healthy we simply get clearer and better can adjust our behavioural patterns to experience continuous wellbeing.

   What to eat? 

  • Always prioritise the Medical Medium information about WHAT to eat and its effect on health. 

Significant extracts of the Medical Medium information of truth can be checked out here:


   Additional Human Design knowledge

  • While the Medical Medium information tells you what to eat and its effect on health, the Human Design knowledge adds information about the condition of the food or the circumstance under which our genetic construct most optimally extracts the nutrition of the food.

  • If there seems to be dilemmas about WHAT food to eat - informed by the Medical Medium, and the condition of that food or under which circumstance you eat it - told by the Human Design knowledge, then always prioritise the Medical Medium information first and adapt the Human Design knowledge to it (they can always synchronise in that order and together constitute the optimal dietary regimen).