04 Energy Usage

Active vs. Relaxed Analysis

Body Stimulation

Active Movement

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel

   Operating the ACTIVE body system:

  • How Noriel stayes most ideally present in the world, is by having a focus on what his senses tell is missing for a smooth physical movement. As Noriel is a physically active person, it strengthens his survival capability when closing the gaps of what is physically needed. 

   Noriel's metabolic system produces a high flow of body fluids in order for him to take the heat of operating in the hectic strategic world, and this engenders a high level of energy consumption. Therefore, he needs to discriminate about what stimulates his entire physical organism, and prioritise this on a steady basis.

   Being observed:

  • Noriel's type of an active body system is synchronising at its best with an environment of the active life principle. Ideally he engages through actively participating in activities, knowing how he can strategically take advantage of these more hectic environments.

   Not only is Noriel physically active himself, but in a way where he is actively interacting with others, being with them and contributing to making the activities happen. With this high level of interacting he is being observed by others.

   Dosage level of acting:

  • Once Noriel's Inner Authority tells him to engage in an actual opportunity, and he is aligned to how actively he most ideally interact with the facilitating environment, then he should operate on the same dosage of energy usage every time.

   The bodyform of Noriel adapts optimally by going steadily and periodic with his activities. The periods of each activity are defined by the same certain amount of time. Here Noriel should go steady all the way through a period, and then he needs a break. His Inner Authority will teach the exact time span of the periods. It is important for him to know, that the breaks in between the activities do not represent a certain time period, only the Inner Authority can tell when it is the time to step in again.

   Whenever Noriel does engage with something or someone - he should always go for the same dosage of the experience. He should not push himself further and not take it for a more relaxed day than usual. Always going with a steady dose suits Noriel's physical body’s optimal energy usage.