04 Energy Usage

Active vs. Relaxed Perspective

Body Stimulation

Active or Relaxed Movement

Synchronised Energy Usage

   Active versus Relaxed Presence:

  • Life is lived in sequences of experiences, and their impact on our health and wellbeing is determined by how actively or passively we engage with them, relatively to our natural physical capacity.

   It can be tempting to go with every opportunity that shows up in the environment, and it can be tempting to not go with any of them. We do not want to miss out on opportunities and yet learn to protect ourselves from disturbing elements at the same time. However, everybody’s physical construct is individually armed with natural preferences for being more or less active in the way we interact, and this in order for us to synchronise optimally with the bigger whole and in accordance to our life purpose.

   Bypassing Pre-Mental Imagination:

  • Our genetic construct has parameters revealing how we physically interact most ideally, and there are more parameters telling how our mind reflects and tends to think about it. When we bypass the pre-mental imaginations about what we think could be best for us, and learn to adapt to our natural physical capacity in every now, the mind gets overwhelmed by positive surprises of how soon our physical engagements align us to our purpose and gradually bring us to greater wellbeing.

   Less Physical Friction brings Mental Stimulation:

  • When the body resides in the correct environment and is run from appropriate active or more relaxed dosages during our chosen engagements, we get to mental exaltation because we let go of physical friction and thereby can live and experience the stimulating and joyful authenticity of our soul. With less friction our personality starts to shine.