03 Life Purpose

Automated Behaviour Analysis

Automated Behaviour Overview

Surrendering To Less Concerns

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • As the purpose of our human life is a more spiritually and intellectually defined concept, the achievement of its fulfilment goes through a commitment to living on the practical level of the physical plane.

To function soulfully on the physical practical level we have a genetic predisposition, which defines the ideal automated behavioural patterns of our bodyform. This automated movement brings our consciousness to better understand the relation between our soulful purpose and the physical plane.

Becoming aware of this relationship our perception can start to better orient itself through the expanding journey of life. This way the 4 following unconscious characteristics of Jeffrey's automated behavior (body consciousness) will mature his mind to surrender to his smoothest movement, while gradually implementing the soulful purpose on the way.

The prime automated behaviour of Jeffrey

  • Jeffrey's prime automated behaviour represents a natural brilliance, which inspires people to deeper levels of self-acceptance. From this far-reaching and nourishing influence he has great joy in that his knowing has moved a mutative step and become a realisation.


Turning effectual in behaviour

  • Jeffrey's automated behaviour turns effectual when addressing complicated situations with clear, appropriate and well-organised detail for his opinions to increase everybody’s understanding of the world. The effect especially comes into play when naming, concretising and communicating a visual pattern.


Expanded automated behaviour at lager age

  • Later in life Jeffrey's design’s expanded automated behaviour makes him alert and sensitive to which resources are being withheld from his family, community and eventually the global community. From his sensitivity he then can bring others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive, and for everyone to thrive and achieve their personal or communal potential.


Integration of eventual effectiveness

  • Eventual effectiveness integrates in Jeffrey's life when he from his ability to end cycles of experiences allows himself to retreat. Through these moments of silence he can consider every aspect of his experiences, and reflect on what to take forward while he renews his own strength. Eventually when the time is ripe he then will be asked to share the wisdom of his most valuable lessons of his reflections.