03 Life Purpose

Automation effectiveness Analysis

Effectual Automated Behaviour

Surrendering To Less Concerns

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • Living his prime automated behaviour comes into great effect when Jeffrey can allow for it to unfold through the following characteristic. This is a characteristic where Jeffrey's automated behaviour hones in on adding energy, which makes him synchronise better with the physical plane.

Characteristic - Preponderance of the Small, Detail, Restraint

Effectually Jeffrey is..

  • Designed to name, concretise and communicate a visual pattern.

  • Selecting and organising details as facts in order to better understand and explain complex concepts or situations.

  • Making concepts tangible, meaningful and understandable through his supportive details.

  • Providing a detailed foundation for complex concepts to be repeated and tested over time.

  • Addressing complicated situations with clear, appropriate and well-organised detail, for his opinions to increase everybody’s understanding of the world.

Discovering effectiveness in behaviour

Jeffrey finds out when he communicates properly, that others can come to recognise him. Therefore when studying and paying attention to the detail of what he communicates, he can prevent excusing himself “..well, I haven’t finished it yet” - as when getting caught in the trap of the teacher asking for the details. Because, he is not necessarily working on the detail, but often gets restless about it.

   He does have a potential discipline, but not all the time as a guarantee that the detail work is being done. When he does provide the detail work, he has the innate restrictiveness and discipline to comply with and exalt restraint.

The pitfall to learn from

Jeffrey can get trapped in projecting out details without knowing why, or what are the essentials in the details. It is a tendency in his design of having his intellect stymied, when faced with severe restraints in the detail work, which can lead to the expression of restlessness and anxiety.