03 Life Purpose

Later Age Automation Analysis

Later Automated Behaviour

Surrendering To Less Concerns

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • As we go through life we realise that our automated behaviour expands. It offers possibilities of waking up our perception to experience more of the loving surprises, which enrich our life with greater satisfaction. The mind hereby is helped to let go of unnecessary control, and instead open up to receive confidently.

Approach, Wanting, Inter-dependence

Later in life Jeffrey is mechanically..

  • Alert and sensitive to which resources are being withheld from his family, community and eventually the global community.

  • From his sensitivity bringing others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive.

  • Contributing to making people thrive and achieve their personal or communal potential, through bringing them to awareness.

Jeffrey's expanded automated behaviour

The true nature of our tribes is not based on dependency, but mutual interdependency and Jeffrey carries this characteristic in his design. As he possesses the power of interdependency he does not have to go against  his own principles and can allow being himself in the supporting field.

   In his closer environments Jeffrey experiences that resources may be available in one moment and not in the next, but anyway he does not have to stay concerned about it, because the interdependency is in play for his design. Others are always involved in his process and therefore he does not need to give up his nature in order to get those resources. The nature of the tribe always allows for individuality to contribute, and he has such successful approach; which does not loose its character in acceptance. Within Jeffrey's pressure of wanting he does not loose his identity when being accepted by others.

Becoming aware of functional synchronicity

Regard to Jeffrey's approach to resources it is about creating the initial bargain, which establishes the foundation of a mutual interdependency. It must be rightfully set for any of his tribal relationships to work properly. There is a tendency in his design to flirt to get the resources from outside coming to him. Not only regard to food, spirit and religion, but also it is a characteristic for his approach to having a partner.