03 Life Purpose

Later Age effectiveness Analysis

Additional Effectiveness

Surrendering To Less Concerns

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • The whole automated frame of unfolding Jeffrey's purpose strongly comes into effect, as his persona gradually integrates the below characteristic. It begins from his 50 years of age.

Later in life Jeffrey is mechanically..

  • From his ability to end cycles of experiences, having moments of silence for considering every aspect of them.

  • In need to be alone for having these possibilities of re-considering.

  • From the moments of uncertainty between the completed experience and a new one, allowed to reflect on what to take forward while he renews his strength.

  • When the time is ripe; being asked to share the wisdom of his most valuable lessons from his reflections.

Discovering strengthened effectiveness in behaviour

The experience which Jeffrey has retreated from, finally comes to an end when his reflection process is over and he share his reflection with those who find it relevant.

   Jeffrey builds up strength in the period of reflecting over the experience. This is the weakest point of the abstract process of life, until we get to understand what we have been through and do not have to repeat our mistakes. It is okay to fail, but we do not have to do it more than once. This way Jeffrey gets to wisdom from the weak position and recognise that survival demands complete redrawal..

Maturation of patience

There is a tendency in Jeffrey's design to jump the reflection process and go direct to the next thing. It can make him share his experience by babbling it all out right after the experience is over. If he is in the middle of a process and get pulled away though, he loses the value of everything that he has been doing because he won't be able to reflect on it, and it won't be remembered. Jeffrey can be overwhelmed by stimulation and unable to retreat then.