03 Life Purpose

Prime Automation Analysis

Prime Automated Behaviour

Surrendering To Less Concerns

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey

Characteristic Inner Truth, Mystery, Natural Brilliance

Through Jeffrey's prime automated behaviour he is mechanically..

  • Pressured by a unique knowing to unravel the mysteries, for inspiring people to move toward deeper levels of self-acceptance.

  • Inspiring people to embrace what distinguishes us from others.

  • From love spending time musing, and mentally delving into the unknown.

  • Waiting for the right time to express himself, and feels liberated when knowing that he has a unique insight.

  • Avoiding becoming delusional, uncertain and anxious, by not giving in for the intense pressure of the unknown hunting him.

Surrendering to the natural way of living

Jeffrey is a very inspiring person projecting out that he knows and has natural brilliance. He may not live up to the performance, but can be depended on others to bring out his potentials.

   Jeffrey cannot avoid putting out his projections to inspire others. However, if what he knows does not lead others in the sense of being inspiring to them, and that he can act as a role model for them, then he suffers from the fact of not being able to live up to everybody’s expectations about him. It can make him wonder who he is, why things are this way and why he does not know what he is ‘supposed’ to know. His inner truth is so free of guile and powerfully attractive, that this position has a far-reaching and nourishing influence.

When Jeffrey's inspiration is brought into rational form, he has joy in that his knowing has moved a mutative step and become a realisation. When successful, his design has a tendency to become ego-obsessed with maximising its inspirational effects. He can get to think that everybody deserves to mutate, and he can become delusional that all his inspiration deserves recognition.

A post-reflective process

  • To live one's automated behaviour is a mental unconscious process.

We are not constructed to reflect momentarily over the automated behaviour of our physical design. And this is the greatest love given to us; the receiving of surprising experiences through a non-controlled movement. 

   In return we can observe and shortly hereafter mentally reflect on the experiences we are brought through. When evaluating on the experiences we attract more of what is appreciated. This is the possibility to interact with the wholeness and stay assured that we receive the utmost relatively to our soulful wishes.


The mind can force the body into a certain momentary behaviour, but if it differentiates too much from, and does not synchronise with the automated behaviour, it can cause mental concerns and leave us with living unhealthy patterns, which again can engender consequences of illness and even chronic diseases.

  • We better know how to make decisions that are correct for us (see Package 01)