05 Psychology

Not-Self Analysis

Avoiding Conditioning

Living By The Strategy & Inner Authority

Avoiding the decisions made by the incapable mental mind.


Paradoxically we get to deeper wisdom by wakening up to the fact that we have been living conditioned.

  • Conditioning ignites a motivation to liberate and find true value in life.


To avoid ending up living unnecessarily conditioned, it is worth knowing that one’s Human Design Type Strategy always leads to the possibilities of making choices that are correct for ourselves.

Fully accepting that the bodyform contains our true inner authority, makes it possible to surrender to living in accordance to one’s correct guidance. It offers the ultimate possibility of letting go of all friction in life.

   It can be a shock to the mind when experiencing that it is not capable of figuring out how to practically live. But wakening up to the fact that we have been living conditioned, offers the possibility of totally liberating oneself and find true value in life - through the guidance offered by the inner authority.

The active approach to de-conditioning

Alexandre is not someone who should go will-hearted through life and push for accomplishments, neither spend money on everything in the world around her.

   It is more correct for her to hold back a little on her resources and engage with what she sincerely enjoys, not making promises to anything or anyone. Alexandre's feelings of self-esteem will grow when she becomes comfortable with her worth of not trying to prove herself to the environment.

  • Generally, Alexandre should stay aware to not drain her own resources.

Instead, Alexandre benefits from allowing for the natural healthy kind of reflections, which she is designed to mentally stay more sensitive to. When being in this kind of correct mental orientation, it helps her to understand her movement through life.

  • Through the correct orientation we get to better understand our place in the game, and thereby mentally can let go of all the unnecessary conditioning influence (exemplified in the next step 'Correct Orientation' of the analysis).

  • Eventually, and once aligned to her correct Orientation, Alexandre gets to navigate safely in her life from true guidance by simply living from her Type Strategy & Inner Authority (exemplified in package 02).