05 Psychology

Unique Awareness Analysis

Opening To Uniqueness 

Awareness Foundation Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Alexandre

Awareness Foundation of Alexandre

Alexandre's receptive mind is absolutely quiet and focused on having peace. She has a meditative mind that is open for things to just pop up in the moments, and therefore she seldomly needs to prepare for them. Mindfully Alexandre is so open that she does not even discern between different kind of thoughts, but stays open to the 'no mind'.

Awareness Foundation Detail

Alexandre is mentally motivated to find the correct SPIRIT in life. This is the absolute motivation of letting go and stay relaxed, which she just does. She is just living her life correct, and there is nothing that really motivates her mentally. No motivation, no drive, just being who she is, living authentic like with a bit of naivety. So, if something does go wrong anyway, people will understand that because Alexandre is being very honest. 

Alexandre believes in the good spirit of people, and she doesn't do things wrong herself, at least not on purpose. Therefore, she sometimes can get away with it - even when things do go wrong. When being correct in her none-motivation; no purpose, no drive, also when things go wrong - that’s okay. This is the kind of naivety that comes from true INNOCENSE.

Despite that Alexandre has no real motivation, she has such a strong and addictive DESIRE for things, a desire that can really drive her crazy: "I need to have that thing", because she feels it in every cell of her. Elsewise people often ask her: "What you are looking for?", but she does not really have a mental drive in life. For her, life is life and things just need to be done, so things simply are getting done by her.

Trajectory of Awareness Development

Alexandre is starting this whole trajectory of mental awareness development with being the Observer of whether others are authentic or not.

   Then later she ends up with being OBSERVED herself, and it becomes quite interesting for her: “I know that I am now OBSERVED for the way I am doing things in my Role Model way”.


Operating from her unique awareness as her true self is bringing Alexandre to function perfectly on the practical level within the earthly reality. It offers the possibility of interacting with the world with less friction, where she gradually is getting to higher levels of wellbeing.