04 Benefits of Living

Benefits Analysis

Initiated Transformation

Transformation Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel


When more or less aware of living the natural qualities as described in the previous section, Noriel benefits from transferring into becoming a very unique individual stepping away from interdependency himself. This is when he will be initiated to his own transformation process.

Inner Truth, Mystery and Natural Brilliance

  • Noriel transforms naturally to possess the capacity of moving people to deeper levels of self-acceptance.

Unravelling the Mysteries

From Noriel's pressure to know and to unravel the mysteries, he can move people toward deeper levels of self-acceptance. When he delves into the unknown and waits for the right time to express his unique insights, he feel liberated that he has inspired people to move a mutative step.

Far-reaching and Nourishing Influence

This maturing process opens the door for Noriel's own self-transformation, where he is heading toward representing natural brilliance. Here he establishes as a far-reaching and nourishing influence, because his inner truth is so free of guile and is powerfully attractive.

   To preserve his personal transformation, Noriel needs to be relaxed in trying to solve the mysteries. He is not to solve them, but to simply enjoy them.