04 Benefits of Living

Benefits Analysis

Discovered Life Value

Life Value Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel


On Noriel's expanding journey of life all his experiences will contribute to the development of his sensing capability. When the time is right he will discover, through a clarity in his sensing, what is the greater pattern of his true values in life.

Receptive, Direction of The Self, and Patience

The prime value of life to be discovered for Noriel, is that he develops the capacity to:

  • Provide direction for others.

Noriel lives in a way where he develops to become someone who provides others with a guide to their best direction.  He therefore is likely to find himself directing other people toward the resources they need to support their creative endeavours, or to discover those.

A  Visionary Providing The Plan

By simply aligning to his own direction, Noriel automatically empowers others or confirm in others their own sense of direction.

   As a visionary he provides the plan or overview for a new way forward based on the here and now, but are not here to do the work or make it happen. Noriel therefore looks to others for the power and resources to bring his vision to fruition.

   Living this way, Noriel eventually sees with greater clarity the values in providing others direction.