04 Benefits of Living

Benefits Analysis

Benefits Overview

Transforming into Expansion

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel

Initiated Transformation

Noriel transforms naturally with the effect of moving people to deeper levels of self-acceptance.

  • Knowing and unravelling the mysteries, without solving but simply enjoying them, Noriel delves into the unknown and waits for the right time to express his unique insights.


Integrated Personal Drive

Noriel's design is driven by fuelling two essential human mandates:

  • The need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter.

  • The need for spirit.

Discovered Life Value

The value of life to be discovered for Noriel, is that he develops the capacity to:

  • Provide direction for others.


Personal Expansion

Noriel personally expands to unfold his true potential while..

  • ..establishing relationships for the actualisation of truths.


Through the nurturing and protective power of the established relationships he shall continue to grow.


Alert Signalling System

If drifting off of his ideal pathway, Noriel's body system signals alerts in terms of: 

  • Noriel having difficulties in waiting within limitations.

He should not blame himself for these signals. It simply means that he has been impacted by too heavy conditioning from his environment.