04 Benefits of Living

Benefits Analysis

Personal Drive

Details of Personal Drive

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel


The more Noriel opens up to his transformation, the more he will be driven within it to experience and reflect over the true values of his life. Noriel's participation in this whole game shall turn into self-empowering sequences of gaining wisdom, where he comes to greater peace with his being.

Approach, Wanting and Interdependence

​When living life, Noriel's design is driven by fuelling two essential human mandates:

  • The need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter

  • The need for spirit

Noriel sets people up through these mandates to interact or bond with others in specific ways. Knowing that when everyone has enough to eat, a place to live and something ethical to believe in, then we can experience life as one healthy community. Hereby Noriel makes people support each other and make their unique contribution to the whole.

Awareness of The Resources Needed

Noriel gets to peace through bringing others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive, as well as thrive and achieve their personal or communal potential.

   The ones that are right for him, are enticed through how he bargains with the people or institutions sharing his principles. The people or institutions that possess or control the resources needed to be distributed, are the ones that share his principles.