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Personal Expansion

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Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel


Once Noriel has started to sense what is driving him to see his true values in life, he will be pulled forward to an outer development that makes him expand in great happiness.

   Practically Noriel shall experience more joyfully a human development through the relationships with others, which eventually will make him connect to the whole and realise the unfolding of his true self within it.

Inner Truth, Mystery and Interdependence

Having found his greater values in life, Noriel will personally expands to unfold his true potential while..

  • ..establishing relationships for the actualisation of truths.

In Noriel's expanding process of meeting greater happiness of his Self, he is learning to live with the pressure to share his inner truth of newness. Through eventual independence he ensures to collaborate with the right people to actualise his inspiration for them.

Actualisation of Truth

To find the right people Noriel goes through a trial-and-error process of constantly dealing with the wrong people up through the years. During the process he recognises that it brings him luck in strengthening his ability to establish relationships for the actualisation of truths.

   Noriel's efforts ensure a stable environment in which he can continue to grow, through the nurturing and protective power of the established relationships themselves.

   Whatever inner knowing Noriel gets to; it is with the purpose of having it shared with the collective to bring about mutative newness to the world.

Letting Go of Friction

Living his expanding process, Noriel gets to a place where he let go of all the friction of irrelevant imagination. Here he will become a great representative of truth, by living naturally and surrendered to what is of relevance for his whole being in every now.