02 Body Alignment

Nurturing your sensory capability

Analysis Example

Human Design Advanced

  • Dietary Regimen

  • Decision-Making

  • Environment

  • Body alignment to health is the premise for wellbeing to be experienced in any way, as health makes us cognitively perceive and understand what are the most valuable possibilities for us to engage with.

  • When the cognition is up running in a healthy way, we can begin to understand what our inner authority tells us are the optimal decisions to follow.

Advanced chart of the person Öhlann

Dietary Regimen

Digesting food in the right condition or under the correct circumstance, makes the unique body extract the quality nutrition it needs.



Every movement, engagement and experience in life unfolds on basis of the decisions we make.

Environment & People

The ideal environment allows us to move with less friction, and meet our enriching and stimulating life purpose.