02 Body Alignment

Environment Analysis


Specific Environment

Analysis on the Design of the person Öhlann

Physical environment KITCHEN - WET

  • The ideal environments for Öhlann are places where things and situations are transformed. 

The kitchen definition is not about the need for cooking itself, but symbolises the action of manipulating a present state to become something else. Places could for example be laboratories, a productive place or big production plant but always with the transforming and mutative aspect in mind. 

   Öhlann's ideal environments offer the possibility of bringing things and situations into a chemical process to get ‘cooked’ or manipulated in a mutative environment to get altered. 

   Often he will find himself sit in the kitchen and work, instead of working in the big fine office environment. Also he has this sense for detecting whether certain cafés, hobby shops, fitness centers etc. can be environments, where things gets prepared and transformed properly. This sense is so strong that there can even be great opportunities for Öhlann to meet the next partner or a business potential in such ‘kitchen’ environments.


  • The Humidity of warmer places indicates Öhlann's optimal physical environment.

He prefers being active with his external environments, and therefore the high humidity of warmth (Wet) will help speed up the cellular movements of the environment to suit his more active approach for interaction. It means that through high humidity he is helped getting things or situations geared for mutative transformation. 

   Cooking things is a good analog for this picture. However, it is not necessary for Öhlann to live in England or some Asian forrest with monsoon rain. He can create his own micro environment with humidity machines, but must ensure the air does not dry out when heating up the room.

Additional Indicator - WINDY

  • WINDY environments is another indicator for Öhlann of residing in the optimal environment.

The cognition of Öhlann resonates with environments where the air is moving. When entering a room he says: “Can we open a window and have some fresh air please”? 

   Being Outdoor is a great thing, as the moving air can give him a better feeling of security, through the greater capability of identifying with the freshness of this environment. 

Environment People

Facilitation of Öhlann's Development


The ideal People Profile in the environment will facilitate the best opportunities for Öhlann to develop his unique awareness, and make him become a valuable inspirational source to others.

Read about the optimal environmental people profile on the People link: