02 Body Alignment

Cognitive Sensor Analysis

Cognitive Sensor

Supportive Cognitive Sensing

Additional Design Sensing Capability


Having acts initiated we should always step cautiously in order to stay attentive to the inner authority telling us, for how long we extract value from our present engagement. For us to better stay aware of this, we have a cognitive sensor providing direct supporting signals to our brain and mind.

   This cognitive sensor confirms what the inner authority is continuously informing us, and still, we should always make our decisions from the inner authority itself.

Öhlann's cognitive sensor is TOUCH by the skin

Touch gives Öhlann a physical sense about things or people that get in contact with his skin, for example the sincereness of a hug or any kind of touch. Practically the detecting sense through the hands would normally be what he has got most familiar with.

   This cognitive sense of touch goes beyond the surface, which makes Öhlann capable of touching for example a chair and tell whom in the room was sitting on it before him. Also when deciding for example of whether foods are good for him or how much he should eat, he simply can get clearer if closing his eyes in trying to sense what his hands are informing him. Eating the food directly with his hands will be helpful to identify whether it is good for him. 

Building Trust

It will always be the Inner Authority that makes the correct decision however, the mind can feel more familiar with the sense of touch to begin with - and until Öhlann becomes comfortable with trusting his Inner Emotional Authority. 

   The detecting touch through Öhlann's hands gives such a clear cognitive understanding for his mind, that he can almost ask questions and have them answered through the sense of clarity that the touch provides.

   He can use touch to convince his mind about the answers that he already gets from the Inner Authority in all matters, especially when he has a short moment to close the eyes and decouple the mind from trying to figure out the world around him.