05 Psychology

Unique Awareness Analysis

Opening To Uniqueness 

Constructive Personality Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Alexandre

Unfolding her true Self Alexandre becomes aware that she is..

  • Generally projecting out through this characteristic that she is always are ready to say "yes". However, she does not know whether the power or resources are there to be persistent when saying yes.

  • Becoming more cautious and restrained in those relationships that really matter to her, because she has been burned so many times.

  • Having power available, but she does not know if she is ready to persevere, when saying yes to situations that she responds to. Until she gets to know if she really respond to what is actually presenting itself to her, she can have this uncertainty about whether she has the resources necessary to engage with it.

  • Knowing that when she gets to sense her true responses to things, she does have the power to persevere, and then it turns into a guiding light for her.

In order to function mentally effective Alexandre is..

  • Functioning as someone who really recognises her own type of feelings when experiencing life. To her it actually is not about being emotional, but to simply feel without being too emotional about things.

  • Not releasing her feelings until there is something she can do with them. She does not like to get lost in all kinds of feelings.

  • Sometimes, after a while, projecting out feelings in the almost desperate need not to simply feel, but to experience and do.

  • Seeing herself in the experience rather than to sit and be too emotional about it.

  • Applying her energy very productively without wastage.

Letting go of expectations..

It is correct for Alexandre to reflect as stated above, however, it does not mean that her practical life will turn out the way she previously imagined. Developing her unique awareness is not a question of controlling life, but to make her embrace what is of relevance - of what life is going to show her.

What Alexandre truly responds to, becomes the possibilities for her to engage with. Eventually, the correct decision-making of her true inner authority, is what forms the reality on her expanding journey of life (see package 02).