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Human Design Advanced

  • Performance & Personality

  • Accurate birth data

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Exact birth data is required at requests

  • Year, date & accurate time of birth

  • Country of birth, and the name of town or closest bigger city

Physical Performance & Personality

Whether the intention is to improve one's physical performance, or to open up for one's personality potential, everything starts with having a certain amount of health. With health we become capable of providing action and understand how to optimise our behaviour for adapting to our true potential.

  • Through the knowledge on this website it is possible to meet true information about real health, and further have a deep insight into how one's unique physical capacity and personality is defined by the physical body's dna.

Accurate Birth Data

It has shown evident that our physical capacity is set during our fostering, and therefore can be interpreted on basis of the energy imprint of the sun's neutrino energy - calculated backwards from the day and time of our birth. This is what the human design knowledge offers; an insight into how the sun imprints both our physical capacity and personality.

  • For this reason the accurate birth data is required for providing every analysis of your unique design.

Packages Analysis

All packages of knowledge presented is derived from the Human Design knowledge, and provide an insight into how the 64 dna start and stop codons define our life form's capacity to absorb and use energy.

   The start and stop codons are part of our physical nature, which gets its vitality from the sun streaming its life giving energy into all organisms and all the way down to their cellular level.

  • Following the definition of our true nature brings possibilities of living optimally.

Not two are the same

Did you know? Not two plants on earth have the same dna, even if two seeds of the same mother plant drop on ground, they will have different dna definitions. It means that during growth they will interact differently with the field of the neutrino energy of the sun.

   Though we might not be able to visually distinct two neighbour family plants from each other in the garden, they have different dna definitions. And so it is with humans. Every life organism is unique.

  • Like a seed of a plant drops on ground and gets loaded with vital energy of the sun, so does the human foster get energetically loaded and develops its unique pattern of living.

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