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Direction toward liberation


During long periodes of seeking for answers in life, I finally found the knowledge of the Human Design system and started studying it officially for over 5 years. I never imagined it would end up with me becoming a certified Human Design Professional of The International Human Design School, but the knowledge revealed what had been going on in my life, so I got motivated to keep studying the knowledge. My motivation was to understand whether I had a specific purpose and how to act accordingly to truly self-realise and live a life of pleasure.

   I got to experience that what is much more important than to understand everything about the human being, is to live one’s nature and have sensible experiences. We take advantage of life by simply living it and evaluate continuously - because.. 

  • What we sincerely do appreciate we automatically attract more of, and this is what makes us happy.


The measuring point of whether the ‘living life’ approach was successful to me, always ended up being the sense of how much sincere joy I was able to feel on the inside within every experimentation. I found out that for every time the experimenting field really stimulated me, it was the engendered sense of natural joy that surprisingly brought me to the decisions, which became the most important and enriching in my life. And the correct decisions made me experience far more of what I appreciated than ever before. I kept getting positively surprised from then.

   My overall evaluation on life is that we cannot figure out life in advance. It is too complex to foretell and also, it would be too de-motivating knowing everything in advance, leaving no space for lovely surprises to enter the stage. Nevertheless, it is very helpful to have inspiration about how to stay on one’s smoothest pathway, as it can cut off a lot of bumps on the way and bring greater wellbeing on one’s journey through life. Basically this is all about knowing one’s correct decision-making process.

   To me, having a filter of true knowledge offers more opportunities of progressing toward clarity about what specifically brings wellbeing. Being aware and not interfere with the unfolding of nature though, we benefit from all the surprises of valuable experiences that life has to offer.

In order to Self-realise we actually do not need to do anything else than to focus on our physical health, and Human Design can be very helpful to orient us optimally in terms of how we are genetically disposed for living the healthy way. I'd claim that when living healthy our body’s genetic construct is pulled toward what is right for it. The foundation of this possibility of course is on the premise of whether our parents had a sufficient amount of health allowing for our embryo to develop naturally to begin with. But it is still possible to heal.

   The body form is a construct, which is guided electromagnetically from a higher purely loving authority than the mind, and this is what the soul came to joyfully experience. However, the Personality of the human mind has the free choice to experiment with whatever it desires. 

   If operating from a lack of Wisdom, the mind can force the body to get stuck with living unhealthy patterns of conditioning throughout one's entire life. Luckily, if a sufficient level of physical health is obtained, it is much easier to also decondition the mind by understanding the frames of one’s genetically biased potential. With a clear mind of health it becomes a smoother process to navigate on one's intended pathway of wellbeing.   


  • We all have a pathway of less friction, once chosen, brings the feeling of living a valuable life.