02 Body Alignment

Decision-making Analysis

Emotional Authority

Specific Decision-making

Analysis on the Design of the person Öhlann

1. LIVING by the below STRATEGY identifies when it is the right time for Öhlann to potentially make a decision.


Öhlann's Strategy is WAIT TO RESPOND

  • Öhlann is a Generator by type and therefore supposed to live from his gut responses, which rise as vibrations and travel into his throat to signal AHA for Yes, or A-A for No.

Öhlann should wait for the things, persons and situations that make him respond positively with a big vocal AHA expression. The most effective way to sense and hear his clear responses is to let people ask him questions, for him to concentrate on his spontaneous gut responses.

   These responses indicate that what offered itself potentially could bring satisfaction for Öhlann as a Generator, and therefore it could be the right time to make a decision of whether to engage with it or not via his Inner Authority. 

   Not initiating himself, but waiting for his natural responses, Öhlann's aura will be drawn by the electromagnetic field toward the frequencies matching his own physical construct and personality.

2. MAKING DECISIONS from his INNER AUTHORITY is optimal, when Öhlann is pulled by his above Strategy to potentially do so.

Öhlann has EMOTIONAL INNER AUTHORITY - the needing to get to clarity:

  • This is Solar Plexus energy operating in a time wave, and waiting for the movement of this wave is the key for living in harmony. Öhlann is designed to wait out his emotional wave before making a decision, which is about waiting out for calm waters and never make decisions of spontaneity.  

His motto should be: “There is no truth in the now, it reveals itself over time and emerges eventually as a sense of clarity”. Total clarity is rare however, and therefore the goal is to become as clear as possible. A spontaneous decision is untrustworthy and is a not-self decision for him.

   Time is the key for Öhlann; the more time, the more clear he can get about how his decision feels before stepping into action. This way he can get to a sense of calmness, while being met by the same thematic several times in the wave, and which calls for a decision from him (tip; placing a hand on the Solar Plexus center can help him to sense the momentary amount of calmness). Öhlann's mood will go up and down over time, and all of a sudden stay balanced over the thematic the more times it is re-visited.   

   Eventually Öhlann gets to more clarity and can make his decision relatively to how he feels about it, and until then, he can benefit from living by the above Strategy of step 1.

When to use the decision-making process

  • Every time life brings opportunities to engage with or act upon, Öhlann is given the choice of using his decision-making process of the steps 1 - 2, to sense whether these opportunities are relevant and of value to him or not.

Supportive Cognitive Sensing

Additional Design Sensing Capability


Each single Design has a COGNITIVE SENSOR attached to it, which adds clearence to one's sensing capability.

   Read about the supportive cognitive

   sensor of Öhlann on this cognition link: