02 Body Alignment

Decision-making Perspective

Correct Decisions

Decisions initiate experiences

Adaptive sensing for creating wellbeing

  Reflective capacity

  • For the human being everything is about understanding what we sense. When reflecting over what we sense and naturally make decisions about, we get to understand our relation to the world and get motivated for surrendering to what transforms our life into an experience of wellbeing.

   Wellbeing or friction

  • Every movement, engagement and experience in life happens on basis of the decisions we make. Whether these lead to a sense of wellbeing or friction, we experience and live the consequences of our choices.

   Everything about a pleasant life experience therefore is on the premise of learning how to sense which possibilities contain true value for our unique being, and for how long. For engaging with the possibilities of value we are helped by knowing the function of our own correct decision-making process. 

   Sensing versus Thinking

  • Against all expectations our decision-making should never be based on mindful thinking, but always the learning to sense and understand the signalling from one’s Inner Authority. Thinking based decision making is an idea-full rationalisation of what we hope could benefit us in the future, but such hope is not always synchronised to the present now.