02 Body Alignment

Dietary Analysis

Food Condition

Specific Dietary Regimen

Analysis on the Design of the person Öhlann

   Food condition APPETITE

  • The Human Design knowledge advises Öhlann to eat from his Appetite. 

It could sound logic, but appetite is not the same as hunger. Appetite is more a here and now sense, where as hunger is building up gradually.

   The special thing to understand is that he can be very hungry, but at the same time might have no appetite. To instead meet those moments of appetite, Öhlann can benefit from always bringing along som healthy snacks for whenever he gets spontaneous appetite.


  • Öhlann's digestion system is designed for eating one product / food at a time.

This is the mono-eating in the moment, but Öhlann can go forth and back between the various products - just as long as he does not mix them together.

   If mixing the food he can get a bloating sense because the body does not extract the nutrition from the food proporly.

   Not mixing the food; he should be eating for example the cucumbers first, then the tomatoes, then potatoes, then have something to drink etc. During the meal Öhlann can go back and have a bit more of this and that, just as long as he does not mix the various ingredients in the moment.

Not mixing the food and eating a single thing at a time gives challenges:

   When taking in foods Öhlann must skip 99 % of the products, because they are mixed, for example:

  • At the restaurant there is a problem because of the salt and oil in the rice.

  • Barbecuing where oil is used on the food.

  • Coffee and tea with sugar and milk.

  • Bread usually has salt and herbs with it.

  • If Öhlann drinks water to the food, he should do it after eating. However, the food can be cooked, since it already has water in it.