04 Energy Usage

Growing Confidence in Movement

Analysis Example

Human Design Advanced

  • Active vs. Relaxed

  • Interacting Profile

  • Natural Qualities

  • As we learn to sense our nature and evaluate upon all our experiences, we get to see what we appreciate. It is a foundational construct that what we truly appreciate, we automatically attract more of - and through this order life starts to define itself for us and it engenders expansion.

  • Knowing HOW to adapt to this creative process, our natural behavioural patterns will pull us through liberating sequences of greater physical wellbeing and therefore sincere joy. Through such we begin to trust life.

Body chart of the person Noriel

Living through experiences reveals what life is all about

  • This package is not predicting WHAT to do in life, it teaches us HOW we function. And for the reason: When operating our life in accordance to our functional genetic capacity, everything of the WHAT-essence will show up and define itself to us.


Active vs. Relaxed

When interacting through the proper energy dosage, the design makes us adapt optimally to the reality of our potential.


Interacting Profile

Learning to express authenticity through one's Personality role, bring us to exaltation when living the synchronisation of purpose and matter.


Natural Qualities

The natural qualities of our design take us through experiences, which shall reveal the details of WHAT our life is all about.


Benefits of Living

Living naturally through experiences we discover a new set of values, which make us build trust to life. This is the initiation to personal transformation, where we become self-driven in expanding to unfold our true potential.