02 Body Alignment

Environment People


Ideal People Profile

Analysis on the Design of the person Öhlann


  • Through Öhlann's life his ideal external environments will primarily show him people, who live the roles of being optimistic administrators and peacemakers.

   These people are best described as sitting on the roof, often perceived as disinterested and looking over other people just to observe them. Because; in their youth they explore life through many trials and errors themselves with lots of bonds made and broken. It can make them become disillusioned and pessimistic about life at this age. 


  • In order to retreat physically and emotionally from the world, the ideal people of Öhlann's environment will tend to crawl up onto the roof and their external discovery process here shifts to a more internal one.

   They remain here in their midlife in order to heal and reflect, thoroughly observing what is trustworthy and really works in the world. Through this process they re-evaluate their life and develop the resources they will need later. Öhlann and others start to seek for the wisdom of these aloof people at this their middle-age. 


  • At the age of 50 the optimistic administrator and peacemaker people are nudged off their roof to engage fully in the world once more. They have become role models living the example of aware beings expressing their unique purpose. They now offer to not only Öhlann, but to everyone of us their unique perspective and wisdom of a way life can work.