02 Body Alignment

Environmental Perspective


The Human Cognitive Demand

A Premise To Clearly Sense & Reflect

   Environmental conditioning

  • The environment deeply conditions how we develop our self-perspective. What we sense of the environment is treated by the mind and therefore impacts the body’s subconsciousness that runs the elsewise healthy automated habit patterns of our life.

   Even if conditioned to live unhealthy patterns, we will start to identify with this manipulated state, because the mind ‘surrenders' to allow for it over time when being exposed for the environmental pressure on a continuous basis. This way the mind easily ends up being an unauthorised control unit, confused by interpreting on an overwhelming amount of environmental conditioning signals.

   The premise for wellbeing

  • To become authentically living with all the benefits of experiencing wellbeing, it is important to reside in the environment that is correct for our personality. It will clear our mind to see both the world and ourselves from the right perspective. 

   The premise for us to clearly sense and reflect over the world relevantly, is to really understand the signalling that is processed in our brain, and which becomes available through our cognition. To eventually develop our correct self-perspective it therefore is important to know about the functionality of one’s specific cognitive attunement and demands to the environment.