The foundation of the services

About the functionality of the human being

What is shared

All the information presented on this website, except the Medical Medium info of the health section, is something that I have personally stringed together on basis of the Human Design system.


Especially with regard to the Sports package it was my intention to see whether it would be possible to describe the physical capacity of the human body - and just for the fun of it. I was motivated by the love to my own body and the excitement about how it can be operated in order to perfect its performance level (being genetically defined as having an extremely low sports capacity myself).

I discovered my maximum performance level when I started to absorb the external energy field optimally.

   Digesting the right nutrition in the optimal way, and consciously allowing for a rational mindful collaboration with the constantly streaming field of the sun's neutrino energy, is the catalyser for feeding life into one's organism. This whole synthesis of growth practically shows out to bring experiences beyond imagination to the human being, and as a side benefit, caves the way for a totally liberated mindset.   

  • My best advice is to focus on health, as it brings an enjoyable life. In the end it is the field of playfulness that truly enriches - even when performing and trying to satisfy expectations.

Limited and appropriate descriptions for reflection

For me to provide this inspirational knowledge it all started with becoming a certified Human Design Professional. Eventually I realised though, that the knowledge itself points out very clearly that it would be too hard for my Higher Self-oriented design to provide Human Design consultancies full time, and therefore some of the packages are not always available for purchase (check available packages on the Contact Page). Having deep insight can be overwhelming. 

  • The Human Design system is a knowledge going deep into both the bright and dark sides of our reality.

The knowledge correlates with the 64 codons' sequence-description of the human dna and what frames of life experiences it offers. Therefore the logic structure of the knowledge appropriately describes a real possibility for discovering one's greater human potential.

  This way the Human Design knowledge is sufficiently accurate for also opening up a human reflective mind to realise, that we are so much greater than any logic system itself could ever explain to us. It is worth remembering, that the human dna is only specifying a bias for experiencing our continuous journey of expansion through the life in a human physical form.


  • After all, it can be almost impossible to navigate toward liberation and become a joyful being, if not having an adequate guidance in how to operate in the turmoil of today's hectic world.