Body & Mind

Human Design Advanced

Analysis Packages

02 Body Alignment

  • Dietary Regimen

  • Decision-making

  • Environment

Clearing the cognition through health, is the way to understand one's own Decision-Making Process and ideal Environment.

03 Life Purpose

  • The Human type

  • Soulful Purpose

  • Life Dilemma

  • Automated Behavior

Getting recognised for living the role of one's purpose brings faith in life and the potential for fulfilment.


04 Energy Usage

  • Active vs. Relaxed

  • Interacting Profile

  • Natural Qualities

When functioning and navigating smoothly in life, trust establishes to  keep on exploring.


05 Psychology

  • Not-self Identification

  • Correct mind Orientation

  • Developing Awareness

Cleansing one's mind of false projections and blame, makes true self-worthiness shine through.


No one has your design, it truly is unique

All analysis by

Human Design Professional

Jesmicas Thomassen