05 Psychology

Mind Orientation & Reflections

Healthy Reflections

The Opening To Unique Awareness

Correct mental processing develops

Life Orientation - Innocence, Spirit of Self, The Existentialist

Alexandre is cognitively sensitive to..

  • Fully accepting and surrendering to her physical form, which makes love simply flow out of her.

  • Representing the higher self, and thereby get to live the role of turning into individuation from innocence.

  • Not bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination.

  • Empowering others to love life and everything in it equally.

Alexandre thinks that she functions optimally through..

  • Becoming aware that her universal love is about being surrendered in the now and accept helplessness while not interfering.

And still, Alexandre is always driven to live mechanically through her design’s specific Energy Usage (see package 04).

Alexandre develops constructively by..

  • Perfecting the intellect through concentration and focus on what is, rather than what could be or has been. It is all about the innocence of the self, which protection can only be maintained in the now.

Through her healthy thinking Alexandre is..

  • Learning to devote and dedicate herself to the now, in order to not lose her innocence from trying to figure out how to operate