03 Life Purpose

A Human Type Analysis

Living The Reality

The balanced living

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • For life to be consciously perceived Jeffrey needs to sense the energy exchange between his body form and the physical surroundings of the worldly nature. To stimulate his mental reflections that makes him understand his place in this collective puzzle, Jeffrey primarily needs to sense the exchanging signalling going on between him and other differentiated human beings.

   Every physical entity of a human being offers such potential for energy differentiation, and which for the human being is generally categorised by a division into 4 human design types. Depended on one’s type, we engage and interact differently with the world around us. Through this synchronisation we learn to interact mechanically with the reality, and from the wish of wanting to most optimally contribute to it's evolution. 


  • Jeffrey is categorised as being a Projector. This is a low-energy type that will emerge as an administrator of the new order of the future world. With a natural brilliance and openness to taking on the expectations and energies of others, Jeffrey as a Projector effectively imitates the other energy types and can almost loose himself in this his life process.

   How Jeffery reclaims him self begins with a comprehensive look at the complex nature of his unique design configuration. He has a general openness to life, combined with a penetrating aura that absorbs and energetically tastes the energy of others. With his capacity to see the big picture, recognise the talents and gifts of others and bring people together, Jeffrey makes an exceptional advisor, administrator networker and natural mediator. He can be a gifted organiser, and master at understanding how to maximise energy and resources as he sees things that others often miss.


  • Jeffrey cannot necessarily tell others what to do, instead a specific role and purpose here on earth is to guide others by knowing how to ask the right questions. Jeffrey's natural gift for diplomacy will be recognised by the right people, once he starts to live by his Strategy (see package 01). Living by his Strategy will make it more easy for his penetrating aura to identify sincere recognition and make him become properly selective about which invitations are relevant for him to engage with.