03 Life Purpose

Perspective on The Human Type

Living one's Type

The balanced living

Foundation for experiencing one's reality


  • Human life is about experiencing movement in order to have the physical sensory system of the body to feed signals into our brain and mind perception. These inspirational signals of reality get practically synchronised with our soulful intentions in order to bring about mutation between consciousness and practical reality. We become a synthesis of cause and matter when staying temporarily present in this our kind of energy-exchanging life form.

  Our soul wish to contribute to the development of the physical realm, while the practical circumstances force our conscious soul to mature. Here we obtain wisdom from seeing how the mechanical world synchronises beautifully, when all its parts are brought patiently into the game.


  • The great wonder is that nature itself balances the physical potentials and our conscious intensions of wanting to provide changes. The exchanging energy behind the whole scenery supports a successful developmental process, where we learn to accept our movement within this flow. Our movement is build on higher universal principles and can only exist because of this potential between physicality and consciousness.

  A potential is a difference, like the voltage potential (the charge) between the two poles of a battery. Once a potential is present, a current can move from one of the poles to the other as an energy exchange. Through this energy movement life is waking up the battery, and this could be an analogy to the human developmental potential:

  • To wake up life it is important to allow for a dynamic movement within the duality of soulful intentions and the practical circumstances of our human reality.

  • Operating dynamically as one's specific human type makes us purposely engage with the world more appropriately.


  • As a mammalian species we are born helpless relatively to the materialistic world forcefully dominating our soulful reference. However, when we learn to adapt to this world as a certain type, and at the same time preserve the purity of our soul, there are great rewards waiting for us during our life process.

  Participating in this whole process is the possibility of individual transcendence through contributing to the development of compassion among humanity. Practically it liberates because we get to know how to navigate the complex dualistic plane in accordance to our life purpose.