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Interacting Profile Analysis

Interacting Approach

Profiling Role of Interactions

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel

   Active and Subjective Approach:

  • Noriel's personality Role Model seeks the perfection in life, all while his unconscious materially-oriented Martyr nature is quite restless because; Noriel is likely to have experienced a chaotic and destabilising life.

   His natural Martyr side continually pulls Noriel into subjective experiences, which eventually lead him to establish a very wise Role Model personality. Ultimately he will discover that uniqueness is perfection, and realise that we cannot trust in anyone but ourselves when making decisions.

   Early Life Sequence:

  • Up till the age of 30 Noriel experiences a very difficult trial and error process. Here he gathers subjective experiences, and he engages in and try just about everything, including jumping into situations and relationships that do not work. In this first part of life, Noriel can get very disappointed and ultimately conditioned to feel pessimistically that nothing in life seems to really work..

    Midth-Life Sequence:

  • In phase two up till the age of 50 Noriel goes aloof to a more objective observation process. He retreats from the subjective experiences. Still his Martyr part pulls on him to engage again and again in the experiential trial and error process with feelings of ‘this is not it, there is still more and things to be explored’.

    Later life Sequence:

  • In phase three of Noriel's life, after the age of 50, he experiences the potential for the fulfilment of his uniqueness and the flowering into his personality Role Modelling profile.

   When Noriel survives the chaos of life, he gains a tremendous amount of wisdom and will be looked to as a wise and objective advisor with a unique perspective on life. Life works for him when he can embrace the chaos and confusion and wonderment of his early years. Noriel needs supportive relationships with people he trusts, people who provide the option for him to pull away or break the bond, when necessary, in order to reconnect and strengthen it.