04 Energy Usage

Interacting Profile Perspective

Interacting Approach

Adapting to reality

The Dancing between Aware and Unaware Consciousness

   Learning to express authenticity:

  • It is stimulating for us to interact with life when knowing that we fulfil a greater purpose by living through our unique human form.

   Our physical form is designed to perfectly match the unfolding of our authentic being. The form is designed for having us adapt to the earthly realm, and harvest wisdom in this practical learning system - to eventually make us express our unique contribution. Through our differentiation we all become relevant to the world and gradually get to higher degrees of exaltation. This is when we begin to release our unique expression with the right timing.

   Aware Personality Role:

  • The decisions about what is relevant for us to engage with on our pathway, is guided by our inner authority and synchronised with the perception capability of our unique personality. To express our contributions optimally we live through a certain aware personality role, and through this role we participate in the play of synchronising with the reality of the world through the perfectly aligned physical body form.

   The Dancing in between matter and purpose:

  • The body form has its own consciousness, which is called the subconsciousness in this context. It always plays together with our Personality consciousness, and together they constitute the ideal possible synchronisation of our human practical matter and unique purpose of life. Our reward for participating in this play is to harvest wisdom from experiences, upon which we can evaluate what we do appreciate or not. This eventual appreciation is what motivates us to continue our journey of expansion.