03 Life Purpose

Life Dilemma Analysis

Life Dilemma Challenge

Challenge Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


It is a privilege to learn about the sincereness of one’s soulful wishes. Starting from being unaware to become wise about their consequences, we mature to realise that every wish should rise from the intention of wanting to eventually embrace everyone by compassion.

   One's life dilemma practically provides a certain challenge of well-defined friction. It happens in order to motivate us for providing changes, which shape our wishes to resonate with the values of higher universal principles.

Life challenge projected onto Jeffrey

The Spirit of Jeffrey wants him to know that he is..

  • To fully accept and surrender to his physical form, which will make love simply flow out of him.

  • Not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination.

  • Having the capacity to meet these initiations from life like a spiritual warrior, fired up and ready to compete for his spirit no matter the circumstance.

The optimal way for Jeffrey to operate within his life dilemma

Like a sage on the hill Jeffrey is drawn to sit in innocence and observe the activities of others, to see clearly whether they are motivated or innocent in their acts. He is pondering "do these kind of acts bring value, so that I can commit myself?" But for himself it is a very difficult process, and he often has his innocence broken because of working from his own agendas. In order to bring value to humanity, he later prefers to locate totally away from everything asking himself "what action is required for us to be motiveless?"

   With experience Jeffrey finds out that no matter how innocent he is, if his actions are not right, he gets to suffer a great deal and it will cause him to become very careful later in life about what kind of action he engages with (to the point of not engaging at all). The process is about having inappropriate action censured.

The challenge of Jeffrey's life dilemma revels that..

There is a tendency in Jeffrey's design to make him react toward the world with constant inappropriate action in times of challenges however, he should be aware that this can break the spirit. It is not enough to be motiveless in spirit. Also one’s actions have to be pure and unmotivated, they simply have to be a by-product of living in order to bring greater value for humanity.

Being exposed to the challenge of his life dilemma

Jeffrey's is..

  • Learning that false innocence will be betrayed by actions.