03 Life Purpose

Investment Analysis

Life Dilemma Investment

Investment Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


As human beings we are genetically pre-disposed for dealing with our challenging types of external energies in very personal ways. 

   In accordance to our soulful purpose we have even been born with tailored features, which make us capable of dealing with our major challenging thematic of life.

Jeffrey learns to practically manoeuvre his major life dillema when he is..

  • Representing the higher self, and thereby gets to live the role of turning into individuation from innocence.

The work for Jeffrey to be invested in his liberation process

Universal love is about being surrendered in the now and accept that we are helpless, all we can do is to not interfere. Jeffrey do have this kind of innocence with him and a motivelessness, which is only broken once the other side steps in to disturb him in his surrendered state.

   This innocence of his self and its protection can only be maintained in the now, through concentration and focus on what is, rather than what could be or has been.

Staying dedicated to his liberating process..

..will bring Jeffrey to dissolve his life dilemma of not being designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination.

   Staying dedicated is when he is..

  • Actually not knowing when he has been motiveless or selfless, even if others told him that he was.

  • Learning to devote and dedicate himself to the now, in order to not loose his innocence from trying to figure out how to operate from his own agendas.