03 Life Purpose

Reward Analysis

Life Dilemma Reward

Reward Details

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


Through the liberation process of learning to navigate with less friction from his life dilemma, Jeffrey wakes up to experiences of more wellbeing. Deeper layers of friction start to dissolve, which means that his soul can begin to shine through and unfold authentically in the world. 

   The prime benefit is that the soul always represents true happiness, which has a deep contagion effect in liberating Jeffrey's mind to experience sincere joy and the ease of freedom.

Going through his liberating process Jeffrey is rewarded by..

  • ..living and empowering others to love life and everything in it equally.

Jeffrey benefits from knowing

The spirit of Jeffrey's Self is always shocked in its innocence because it does not know that ego power exists just in front of it. Jeffrey does not claim ego power and have no possessiveness, but always have to deal with challenges of the egos when he express himself: “Look what I have done, ain’t I terrific, I hope that you are going to make me a saint”.

   He universalises activities through psychic attunement, an attunement which is its own reward. It is the potential for centering his Self through attunement to challenges.

Jeffrey can maintain his liberated state when he is..

  • ..learning to stay motiveless in his actions in order to preserve the innocence of his Self.