03 Life Purpose

Growing faith by recognition

Analysis Example

Human Design Advanced

  • The Human Type

  • Soulful Purpose

  • Life Dilemma

  • Automated Behavior

Purpose chart of the person Jeffrey

  • Sensing one self having a role and being part of that something, through which one gets recognised and appreciated, brings faith and hope in life. This is a potential for dreams to fulfil.

  • When getting born into the physical realm of humanity, everyone is presented for a personal life dilemma. Living it becomes a balancing act of wanting to harmonically contribute from good soulful intentions,  and meeting the practical circumstances of the physical world, in which we are to unfold our unique Selves.

Human Type

When living one's differentiated human design type, we more easily engage with what is of relevance.


Soulful Life Purpose


One's soulful purpose helps pointing out what function and general approach to life that can bring eventual fulfilment. 


Life Dilemma

By navigating optimally within the synthesis of consciousness and reality, we liberate ourselves from our major purposed challenge of life. 


Automated behavior

By allowing for our bodyform's automated unfolding on the physical plane, we can achieve the fulfilment of our soulful purpose with less mental concerns.