03 Life Purpose

Life Purpose Analysis

Soul Purpose


Function - Approach - Personality - Harmony

Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey


  • As a Projector by type Jeffrey functions ideally by contributing to the guidance of others - in order to have them stay empowered on their unique pathway through life. 

   Jeffrey came into the world with the soulful purpose of shocking those ready to be shocked, those who are open to mutation and prepared to accept the details of his very inspirative and intuitive knowing. Hereby he provides great empowerment that can make him a gifted organiser mastering our understanding of how to maximise our energy and resources.


  • From Jeffrey's Projector ability to absorb and energetically taste the energy of others, he will eventually get recognised for his diplomacy and skills to guide others effectively. Rather than providing practical manifestations himself, he primarily makes other people become aware through thinking, educating, conceptualising, explaining and sharing what it means to be alive in a form.​



  • In Jeffrey's experiences of empowering others on their pathway, he gets aroused by individual initiative, which embodies his power to compete and be one step ahead of others. He sees how this can shock others, and drive them to yet further personal transcendence and self love.

   Jeffrey's intuitive skills make him hear what others are really saying however, his intuition cannot always provide the answers. Therefore Jeffrey is likely to end up realising that he becomes most effective in his guiding efforts by simply asking the right questions.


   Living in harmony

  • To bring harmony into Jeffrey's process; he should simply feel comfortable with taking the time for what life has to offer. He should not hold on to all the things that are not important to him, and face only fears when it is appropriate. Rather than fearing, it is natural for Jeffrey to be more occupied with health issues and how to practically take care of the body.

   His vitality, survival and even sociality is not depended on cultural habits or any certain relationships. All together Jeffrey learns through patience to decide what is worth holding on to, or to let go.