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Natural Qualities Analysis

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Intelligence Caving the Way 

Analysis on the Design of the person Noriel

   Love without Discrimination:

  • Noriel represents the higher self, and when fully accepting and surrendering to his physical form, love will simply flow out of him. Noriel is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination. This behaviour empowers others to love life and everything in it equally.

   Bringing New Awareness:

  • When Noriel is in a social mood he has the quality of creating a receptive environment to which he can bring a new awareness. With his keen sense of timing, and an awareness of his audience’s openness, Noriel knows when to use his warmth and social skills to get people’s attention, as well as how to get close enough to them for his words to be a catalyst for loving changes in their lives.

   Noriel uses the quality and modulation in his voice to move or touch people in order to educate, mutate and communicate. He can empower others to experience love’s full range of emotions through public media such as speaking, acting, poetry or music.

   Individual Thinker:

  • As an individual thinker Noriel gets to know some unknowable things. This his quality is not able to relate to, and reflect over, the past. Neither does it recognise the patterns of the future to foretell something; it simply processes inspiration of the now.

   Noriel is designed to inspire others with his unique mutative knowing, and to offer us the potential to see life in a completely new way. He is united to something beyond this physical plane that ‘hears’ and therefore knows spontaneously. It truly is a mystical knowing. However, Noriel cannot use his thoughts to get anything or anywhere, because he does not control his thinking - the mutation will take place or not over time.

   At the Right Place at the Right Time:

  • When Noriel is focused on expressing the love of his body, he will always be pulled to the right place at the right time, and brought the quality of life. He share his learning as he is living his experiences, and it becomes a deeply spiritual process for him to interact with others.

   Living The Emotional Wave:

  • Noriel is someone who can really feel life with its ecstatic moments of pleasure and also melancholic moments of uncomfortable uncertainty and sadness. He must know though; that we are not designed to rationalise our moods away, but rather to live within the alchemy of the emotional wave’s mutative pulses. Embracing the emotional wave, Noriel will plumb the depths of his own spirit and truth.

   In return he gets to the depth of knowing how to tease out and discern the nature of an individual’s or a group’s spirit. Noriel can tell which people are right for him by the interplay between him and them, and whose spirit or mood is in resonance with his. Noriel's teasing provocations open people up to the mutative qualities he carry, which brings something new from those people at the same time