04 Energy Usage

Natural Qualities Perspective

Life Forces

Intelligence Caving the Way 

A forceful opening to experience life naturally

   Adjusted Movement:

  • Each design has behavioural design qualities leading us forcefully in our movement. For every one of us, they help us to experience life purposely, while interacting through our profiling role (interacting profile exemplified in the previous section)..

   When allowing for these natural qualities to shape our behavioural patterns in the practical world, the body’s energy usage therefore will start to flow appropriately within our movement.  

   Unconscious Intelligence:

  • The unconscious intelligence of our physical design hereby can step ahead of our mental reflections. It caves the way for our personal profile to open up, and remain consciously objective to all the possibilities that life has to offer. And again, this provides an amplified effect in terms of having our energy usage perfectly adjusted to our unique and intended life purpose