05 Psychology

Not-Self Analysis

Not-Self Identification

Conditioning Elements

Analysis on the Design of the person Alexandre

The General Not-Self of Alexandre

If starting to recognise some of the general Not-Self patterns playing out in her life; Alexandre will have a good chance to avoid getting locked into such future states of living, by simply being aware of this information and experiment with living from her human design Type-Strategy (see package 02).

The major Not-Self theme of Alexandre:

  • Fear that nothing will happen in her life, or that her survival will be in jeopardy.


The Not-Self Mind Talk

Severe conditioning forces us to live in stereo-typed patterns, and leads us away from Self-worthiness. We then loose contact to the guidance of our true inner authority, and with the consequence of ending up in the blaming business. It stresses the mind and develops Not-Self communication in the mental mind.

The Not-Self mind talk caused by deeper conditioning of Alexandre's design:

  • I have to pump myself up so I feel worthy and good about myself, and then others will see my value.


Psychological Conditioners 

As a consequence of heavy environmental conditioning, the mind unconsciously seeks relief through blaming itself or others for its confusing and un-authentic state of being.

In case of Alexandre's design; she reacts through a self-blaming making her..

  • ..overly experimenting to skilfully master something and bring about manifestation.


Avoiding Conditioning

To avoid ending up with living unnecessarily conditioned, it is worth knowing that one’s Human Design Type Strategy always leads to the possibilities of making choices that are correct for ourselves.

Alexandre benefits from living by her Generator Type Strategy:

  • When listening to her sacral responses; Alexandre will know whether it is the right time for her to make decisions of whether to engage with what is presented to her.