05 Psychology

Not-Self Perspectivation

Not-Self Identification

Environmental Conditioning

Unlocking the traumas of false projections and blaming against the Soul

   Environmental Conditioning:

  • A confused and stressed mind is basically caused by a too heavy environmental impact on the physical body. With such impact the cellular body organism starts to generate an overwhelming amount of preventive cellular alert signals, which over-stimulate the brain and disturb its natural function.

   Incorrect Self-identification:

  • Trying to figure out what is right and wrong in running the body naturally, the mind gets confused by the overflow of alert signals, and turns to the desire of identifying with other people’s behaviour. The mind always try to identify possible ways of surviving and how to get to greater levels of wellbeing.

   Further, in searching for answers and especially when trying to copy the survival patterns of others, the mind so easily gets exposed to false projections and therefore ends up with blaming against the soul. As a consequence, we soon end up with totally wrong self-identifications, which take us away from living in accordance to our unique nature.

   Not To Blame On the Mind:

  • To preserve a mental healthy life, everything is basically about residing within the right environment, in which the body can resonate with being a peaceful harmonic part. But already from the beginning of our life, we can get exposed to many conditioning elements, where we have no influence over the environment and do not know how to make decisions that are correct for ourselves. Then, we soon end up getting side-tracked.

The mental initial powerlessness of the human being explains why it is not our fault if ending up with anxiety, fear or even depression.

   The Effect of Psychology:

  • Psychology can help unlock the memorised traumas caused by too heavy conditioning. When able to truly Self-identify, we start to maneuver correctly, and through living naturally the physical body and the conscious mind get to dance naturally together without friction.  We then come to a greater satisfaction with living the liberated state of being.

Each body is tailored to facilitate the unfolding of one's specific life purpose.