05 Psychology

Not-Self Analysis

Not-Self Mind Talking

The Not-Self Mind Talk

Alexandre's Not-Self Mind Talk revealing her blaming business

Specific Type of Conditioning:

Everybody's design construct is open to be conditioned by more specific psychological influencers. To identify whether these specific influencers have started to impact one's authentic unfolding, it is helpful to pay attention to how the mind more or less conditioned have started to communicate with itself.

Specific Not-Self Mind Talk

In terms of Alexandre's design the specific psychological influencers impact her mental mind to communicate with itself in the following sentences:

  • I have to pump myself up so I feel worthy and good about myself, and then others will see my value.

  • I better do this because if I don't, I won't be worthy.

  • I have to be in control.

  • I have to be brave.

  • I have to be loyal so that others will see how valuable I am, and so that I can prove to myself how valuable I am.

  • Well, if I just tell it like this and make this promise, they will see how wonderful I am.

  • If I show them how trustworthy I am, they will like me.

  • They think I can do this, so I better prove to them that I can.

  • If I am in control, I can prove my worth.

  • I'm not a good wife, lover, friend, daughter and mother unless I prove it.

The Not-Self Talk leads to Blaming:

The above Not-Self sentences reveal on a deeper level that Alexandre has been exposed to heavy conditioning, taking her away from her natural mental state. It can only lead to the loss of Self-worthiness and living the conditioned life, no longer having the connection to the guidance of her true inner authority.

   The consequence for Alexandre is going to be that she will get into the blaming business in order to find some relief; either putting blame on others for the lack of stimulation in life, or starting to blame her own soul for not functioning on the mental plane.