05 Psychology

Mind-Orientation Perspective

Correct Mind-Orientation

Understanding One's Movement

Observing conditioning elements without attachment

Correct Mental Orientation of Life:

The correct orientation helps us understand our movement through life. Correctly oriented we better understand our part in the game, and therefore become capable of observing lots of conditioning on the way, without identifying and neither engaging with it.

  • From a clear liberated mind, we develop motivation to keep experiencing during our expanding journey of life.

Orientation Characteristics

The analysis characteristics of Alexandre point out a very healthy spectrum of orientation for her specific design. Reflecting over these characteristics can help direct her to a faster mental de-conditioning process, and bring a far more pleasant life experience already at an early stage.

   These Orientation characteristics ought to rightfully be given a space in Alexandre's aware mental reflection processes. It is not that she should try to stay concentrated on figuring out anything on basis of the themes though.

Relevance of The Patient Reflection Process

Simply living by her Type Strategy (exemplified in Package 02) will pull Alexandre toward those situations, where the content of the correct orientation themes automatically become more reflected upon. Simply allowing for these reflections will gradually develop Alexandre's mental mind to perceive what life is supposed to be for her.

  • Extracting real value from life, is the possibility of developing into becoming one’s unique awareness.