05 Psychology

Not-Self Analysis

Psychological Conditioning

Blaming As The Consequence

The mind's attempt of seeking relief for conditioning


Keep staying aware that mental unbalance is primarily caused by environmental disturbance to our physical genetic constructs. It overloads our brains and secondarily stresses our minds. Part of the brain’s overload from external disturbances is caused by people’s differentiated ways of living affectively, which projects mental conditioning elements into our minds' perspectivation of our own reality.

All together our confusion then locks our mindful processes into conditioned thinking patterns not suiting our design and life purpose. The heavy external influencers disturb our true foundation and ignite the underlying themes of potential mental unbalance. Multiple simultaneous influencers are the reason that mental unbalance can point in totally opposite directions at the same time, and lead to bipolarity in our perception about our authentic personality.

  • Do not identify with any of the environmental projections, they are merely triggering the reactionary alert-signals generated by our mechanical organism.

Bio-related Correlations of Conditioning

Our human genetic construct has a specific openness to what it does not represent itself, and therefore our body consciousness is more or less aware that these themes of conditioning actually are irrelevant to us.

   Most often we are not consciously aware of the conditioning that has been going on, but later discover physical and mental symptoms as the consequence of all the disturbances to our true nature.

In case of Alexandre, her vulnerability toward specific environmental conditioning is very likely to be indicated by symptoms related to these biological organs of her bodyform:

  • Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

These are endocrine glands that acts as agents of metamorphosis. They are related to the body’s metabolism and is connected to how we process our food and burn energy. When Alexandre experience symptoms related to these organs, it indicates that she has been exposed to heavy conditioning for a longer period, maybe even years.

Bulletins Identifying Alexandre's Conditioning

The following reveals Alexandre's specific mental reactions toward the conditioning that her genetic construct is vulnerable to. As the mind is taken as prisoner by the conditioning, it engenders mental turmoil and confusion.

   The mind tries to figure out a reason for such conditioned states, but often ends up on a blind road, not knowing what to do about it. Therefore, Alexandre unconsciously tends to seek relief from the burdening confusion by blaming herself for the conditioning that has been projected onto her.

From deep enthusiasm Alexandre tends to blame herself for..

  • Overly experimenting to skilfully master something.

  • Not having an experimental satisfying energy-exchange with other bodies around her.

  • Not interacting enough, and not influencing others to drive the energy-demanding part of the manifestation processes.

  • Seeing that changes do not come through because of her.

Explanation to the blaming business of Alexandre 

Because of the environmental projections coming onto her, Alexandre thinks that she has to manifest the changes needed in the collective. Convinced that she has to make the changes come through, she therefore calls upon attention in her deep attempts of experimenting.

   Alexandre can become physically unbalanced by this projected theme onto her because: She thinks that she could release everything about what the talented magic of manifestation can be, if she just had the experimental energy-exchange with other bodies around her. It makes her think that she then could burst the bubble. However, the lack of manifestations can make her unreasonable upset.

   Alexandre therefore tends to blame herself for not interacting enough with others, and not influencing them to drive the energy-demanding part of the manifestation process. She blames herself that changes are not coming through. As a consequence, she can turn into a very enthusiastic source expressing herself compulsively cynical, and simply for the reason of wanting to bring about the talents and skills needed for manifestation.

   Alexandre is brought to wisdom through this not-self theme by seeing that she does not need to get to deep experimental sharpness, neither put onto her the responsibility of bringing everybody to a safe future world.


For all the destabilising elements projected onto Alexandre

  • She should never identify with any of the themes, though her design makes her susceptible to do so. These characteristics do not belong to Alexandre's authentic being, despite that her design is open to take them in.