05 Psychology

Developing Unique Awareness

Analysis Example

Human Design Advanced

  • Not-Self Identification

  • Correct Mind Orientation

  • Unique Awareness

Advanced chart of the person Alexandre

  • If the mental wishes of how to live do not synchronise with the body’s genetic capacity, friction  can build up in life as the consequence of the mind unconsciously locking the physical body into what becomes unhealthy behavioural patterns.

  • Clearing one's mind from identifying with projections and blaming against the soul, shall soon make true Self-worthiness shine through.

Not-Self Identification

Knowing one's Not-self reactionary patterns helps us to avoid getting locked into such detrimental states of living.


Correct Mind-Orientation

The correct mental orientation helps understand one's trajectory, and strengthens one's capability of observing conditioning elements without binding on to them.


Unique Awareness

De-conditioning from the projections and blaming of the not-Self realm, makes our true Self-worthiness shine through.