03 Life Purpose

Life Purpose Analysis

Harmonic Soulful Living

Harmonically Living Details


Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey

   Characteristic -  The Gentle, Intuition, Utilisation

   Jeffrey is..

  • Staying alert to vibrations from his physical, emotional and psychic environments. 

  • Sensing what is safe, healthy and good for himself and what is not.

  • Intuitively hearing what others are really saying to him through his right ear. 

  • Despite silence, having no fear of tomorrow when listening through his intuition.

Intuitive skills

Jeffrey is ultimately looking toward an intuition that will never fail. Therefore he can get so angry and frustrated because the intuition will sometimes seem to fail. It is likely that he stops paying attention to his intuitive system because he does not know where it comes from and he’d say: “Yes, but it is just my thinking.”

Looking for quality in life

Jeffrey's intuition can tell him something and lead him somewhere, but does not always give him the direct answer and it can lead to depression. He wants the intuition to be a steady resource because he is looking for something much larger than just to survive, but with a quality to life, it must be of value. He wants to be awake. When there is no answer to what Jeffrey meets in life, only the possibilities of his intuition can make the best out of a difficult situation.

Does not have all answers

Jeffrey carries the potential for frustration when he cannot answer all questions - because he does not have all the answers. When so, there is a tendency in his design to have anger about tomorrow. He is not afraid of tomorrow, but frustrated and angry that he has to deal with it anyway. This can provoke inevitable futile action.

   Enrichment of Jeffrey's personality

  • Having the experience of intuitively hearing what others are really saying, despite his intuition cannot always provide the answers.