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Life Purpose Analysis

Soul Living Personality

Prime Personality Details


Analysis on the Design of the person Jeffrey

Characteristic - The Arousing, Shock, Separation

Jeffrey is..

  • Backed by the ego’s  will and courage to have the energy for individual initiative, which embodies the power to compete.

  • Driven to be one step ahead of everybody, and risk fully going where no one else has gone to find or create a place for himself. 

  • Designed to withstand shock and to shock others, driving them to personal transcendence and self love.

  • Aroused himself through the love for life and the constant competition that comes with mastering the material world.


Jeffrey has the capability of knowing how to compete and initiate, but it is like he is waiting for a sign from God. Therefore he mostly is separate, sitting on the roof of the house and not really being clear about what to do in his own process of transition. He has the heart-will of the warrior, but others do not really see him as such until he really have to deal with something. Then his knowing will center him in his process with enormous capability and wisdom.


Regardless of Jeffrey's power, his warrior heart might not enter into any kind of conflict or competitiveness or jump over any chasm. He may just sit and stare and wait for the opportunity, being separate in his process and enjoying not having anyone trying to push him into displaying his willpower. In times of crisis when all those around are confused and in disorder, he has the ability to not succumb to the panic but has the will and vitality to survive it alone. It is the power of the ego to meet challenges alone.

Enrichment of Jeffrey's personality

Jeffrey's personality is enriched by having the experience of being aroused through individual initiative, which embodies his power to compete and be one step ahead of others. He sees how this shocks others, and drives them to yet further personal transcendence and self love.