05 Psychology

Not-Self Analysis

Not-Self Identification

The General Not-Self

Unlocking the traumas of false projections and blaming against the Soul

Not-Self Reactionary Patterns:

The following description includes some of the typical not-self reactionary patterns of Alexandre's human design type.

As a Generator by type, Alexandre could easily develop:

  • Fear that nothing will happen in her life or that her survival will be in jeopardy

  • Fear that no one will ask her anything, or that she will have nothing to respond to

  • Fear of the unknown

  • Fear of losing control over her life

  • Fear of failure

   Type Recognition:

  • From childhood Alexandre has been told to “go out there and make it happen”. It is very unsatisfying for her to be taken for a Manifestor though, as such acting only offers her frustration and an unfulfilled state of being. When she tries to initiate like the Manifestor, the energy gets stuck and cannot move forward. To compensate, the mind pushes Alexandre on ahead, becoming attached to the outcomes it thinks it wants.

   Instead of finding satisfaction, Alexandre cannot even finish what she starts. She then end up exhausting her energy with no satisfaction in return, her work seems to have no meaning and her relationships no longer measure up or bring her pleasure - life simply does not work for her anymore. This scenario can make Alexandre a great quitter, and yet, the last thing that occurs to her is to wait to respond (as supposed to, in accordance to her Type Strategy, see package 04).

   Surpressed by the Not-Self:

  • Alexandre most likely has been suppressed since birth to deny her primal sacral / gut sounds, and instead was forced to rely on the mind’s not-self commentaries to guide her. As a Generator she therefore wrongly have become comfortable living her unfulfilling not-self life, that which makes it difficult for her to now revive or reconnect to her sacral responses.

   Alexandre is fearful that she may not be able to hear her sacral responses, as well as fearful of the changes that they might bring. She has no real idea what life lived as her true self may be like. After years of practicing certain life patterns, she gets surprised by suddenly hearing her sacral respond AHA to something totally different.

   Functioning by Responding:

  • Alexandre must know that for her as a Generator there is a time for everything, if she waits and listens to her responses to everything coming toward her. For example, her mind cannot determine what she wants to eat. She needs to be asked or hear what is on the menu, so that she can respond. Rehearsing in front of the mirror or writing things down, is not the same as momentarily responding to something coming to her from the outside.

   Understanding the beauty of her open and enveloping aura, which is designed to draw the questions from others to her, Alexandre allows herself to watch and wait - and relax into living.